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Dog Grooming

Bella Bath Session
We provide a calm and relaxed atmosphere that makes grooming a pleasurable experience for your dog.
  • We are a cage free environment meaning your dog will not be locked away, but allowed to play or sleep in a specially designed cubicle. 
  • We limit the number of dogs per day, this ensures each dog is given the time and attention that they deserve. 
  • All grooms are fully customised to you and your dogs requirements. We keep detailed records of all your dogs grooms and this helps us to develop the exact style you like.
  • 24 hour quality guarantee- if you are not happy you can pop back for minor adjustments.
  • We use environmentally friendly products and a wide range of shampoos for different coat types and skin conditions, all are available for purchase in our retail boutique.


Bath and Brush:
Includes: Double Shampoo, blow dry, brush, nail trim and ear clean.
XS: $30     SML: $35    MED:$45    LRG $60    XL:$75

Add ons:
+ Sanitary Trim: $5           +Paw pads and feet trim: $5
+ Teeth Clean: $10           + Face/Head Trim: $10
+Flea Bath: $5                  + Flea bath and tablet: $15
+ Conditioner: $5             + Extra Shampoo: $5

Full Groom:
Includes Double Shampoo, Conditioner, Blow dry, Nails, Ears, Full haircut or Deshed Treatment

-Toy Breed: $60 e.g. Chiahuahua, Yorkie, Mini Maltese
- XS Breed: $60-$65 e.g. Pomeranian, Toy Poodle, Maltese
-Small Breed: $65-$70 e.g. Cavoodle, Shih Tsu, Schnauzers
Medium Breed: $75-$80 e.g. Spaniels, Spoodles
-Large Breed: 90+ e.g. Border Collie, Retriever, Husky
XL Breed: 100+ e.g. Leonberger, Malamutes.

Grooming Policies

Cancellations/ No Shows: Grooming cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. A client who cancels within 24 hours or no shows for an appointment must pay a $20 no show fee.

Grooming Times: We schedule our appointments by set times and work one on one with your pet. To ensure the safety of all pets please do not arrive more than 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time as it can disturb current clients, induce barking and other disruptive behaviour. Please give us a call if you are going to be late. If you are more than 15minutes late you will be considered a no show and your appointment will be rescheduled.

Late Pick up: Dogs must be picked up within 30mins after the completion of grooming (unless otherwise organised). Failure to do so without prior notification will result in a $10 fee per hour.

Dogs on Heat: As we are a cage free salon we do not accept dogs on heat. If you are unsure, please inform us so we can check. If dogs are found to be on heat an additional charge of $20 will be added.

Fleas: Any dog coming in with fleas will automatically be given a flea bath at an additional $5 fee.