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Spring Safety Tips

September 17th 2021

Spring has Sprung! Spring is one of my favorite seasons with its warmer weather, longer days and gorgeous gardens. With all the beauty that spring brings there are also a few hazards that come with it for our pups.....

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Why grooming in Winter is important.

August 13th 2021

With the cold weather you may think you are doing your pet a favour by holding off from grooming, so your pet can stay warmer with a thicker coat, but your not. Heres why:...

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Why your dogs coat gets matted and what you can do about it.

July 3rd 2021

Matting is a condition where your dogs hair become tangled and knotted around itself forming large clumps of hair stuck together. It occurs most commonly in breeds with curly, fine or double coats...

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How to deal with the loss of a beloved pet.

May 24th 2021

Here's how to look after yourself, your family members and other pets after you have had to say goodbye. A topic many of us have had to deal with but is something that is not often talked about...

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Why your dogs nails need to be clipped and how to do it.

April 20th 2021

Nail clipping is an essential part of maintaining your dogs health and well being and it is a task that is often dreaded by many pet parents...

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How to talk to your groomer to get the haircut you want

March 23rd 2021

As a groomer one of the most difficult tasks I have is correctly understanding what haircuts clients are wanting. Almost daily I hear terms such as 'short but not too short'....

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The Importance Of Grooming Your Dog Young

February 19th 2021

Regular grooming is important for your dogs health and well being, as well as for their appearance. Starting grooming at home when they are puppies is best...

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